As times developing then system information is growing rapidly. The development of information today is complemented by the development of spatial information. Spatial information can be presented as a map or better known as Geographic Information System. Geographic Information System is a component consisting of hardware, software, geographic data and human resources that work together effectively to input, save, improve, renew, manage, manipulate, integrate, analyze and display data in a geographic-based information.

            The need for knowledge and techniques to create a geographical information system lately is growing rapidly without accompanied by professionals whom are able to make the information system. This is the basis that required the training of Geographic Information System which aims to print reliable personnel in terms of the concept and operation of geographic information system which later can be applied with various needs both civil and private.

E-Spatial Services that we offer are

A. Management / Mapping according to customer needs:

1. Citra DEM Data processing (altitude of a region)
2. Landsat Image Processing
3. Shooting of drone data and its processing
4. Digitizing territories

B. Training mapping using GIS or Quantum GIS

Basic Advance
1. GIS basic concept 1. Management of GPS data into Geographic Information System
2. Introduction of coordinate system 2. Georeference and adjustment of spatial data
3. Projection (DD, UTM AND TM3) 3. Geoprocessing (Union, Clip, Intersect, Merge, Buffer, etc)
4. Introduction of data 4. Spatial Analysis
5. Data management 5. Statistical Analysis
6. Attribute dan Symbology 6. Arctoolbox
7. Use of GPS 7. Map-based area analysis
8. Create simple maps and layouts 8. Create advanced maps and layouts

Training Method

- Training duration 3-5 days
- Training start at 09.00 - 15.00 every day
- Training is based on available schedule
- Presentations and exercises with expert, with discussion and FAQs sessions
- Using software Arcgis 10.1 (paid software) and Quantum GIS (software is not paid)
- Maximum number of participants are 10 people
- Participants bring their Computers or Laptops (* if participants do not bring it the committee can help prepare PC / Desktop with certain specifications beyond the price of training services)

Training Cost

Package Extensive Intensive
Basic GIS Training Rp. 1.500.000/person Rp. 2.500.000/person
Advance GIS Training Rp. 3.000.000/person Rp. 4.000.000/person
College Student (Special Package) *max 10 person Rp. 500.000/package Rp. 1.500.000/package


- Training Module
- Free GIS Software and installation
- Availability accommodation for intensive package only (cost doesn’t include training cost)
- Training certificate for trainee

Sample Product