Social-Economy Statistics

             Utilization of statistical data information becomes important nowadays. Statistical data is often used as a reference in planning as it is used as measurement of a success program. Understanding those needs, we are providing Service Training / Training Applied Statistics that will be easily understood by participants with statistical background and non statistics, that completed case study in based on which is being discussed, then applied by using Statistics software. Comprehensively discussed from data input, data analysis to interpretation of analysis results. Besides this training is also very suitable for those of you who doing research or who interested in the field of research.

Statistics Data Management Services
1. Econometric data processing
2. Marketing data processing
3. Socio-economic data processing

Training of Data Processing Statistics Services
Training materials
1. The basic concept of statistics
2. Introduction to statistics
3. STATA Training
4. Data Training with minitab
5. SPSS Training
1. Statistical analysis for socio-economic data
2. Analysis of statistical data and scoring model
3. AHP Training
4. Understanding and interpretation

Training Method:
• Training duration 3-5 days
• Training start at 09.00 - 15.00 every day
• Training is based on available schedule
• Presentations and exercises with expert, with discussion and FAQs sessions
• Using statistics softwares
• Maximum number of participants are 10 people
• Participants bring their Computers or Laptops (* if participants do not bring it the committee can help prepare PC / Desktop with certain specifications beyond the price of training services)

• Hardcopy training module
• Snacks during training
• Accomodation (Cost doesn’t include training cost)
• Training certificate

Training Cost
Regular Training Package
Basic Rp 1,500,000/person, Rp 500,000/person(college student only)
Advance Rp 3,000,000/person, Rp 2,000,000/person(college student only)
Inhouse Training
Basic Rp 2,500,000/person, Rp 1,000,000/person (college student only)
Advance Rp 4,000,000/person, Rp 2,500,000/person (College student only)

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